Little Chickens at Decades Review

“Little chickens, with eyes of real Baltic amber. You made them, thread by thread, stitch by stitch, and now they rustle bloodthirsty. Now they want for dreams. Yours are absent whenever you wake, a murky cavity in your memory. They diagonal golden beaks toward your scars, try to pluck them up like earthworms. They whisper to […]

mothering at the EEEL

“Crawl into the brackish mud and let your hands be pale and shatterproof crocodile jaws. Snatch him by the ankles and smother him under the violence of your pendulous flesh. Rip your skirts and moan. Moan like a museum full of moldy bones.” Read more: Mothering

Sheitel at Bartleby Snopes

“Our sages say that Shabbos exists outside of time, that each day of rest and prayer and peace is but a taste of the World to Come. The Olam haBa is an infinite progression of Shabboses strung together, days perfectly stitched, whole and holy, into one splendid garment. From darkness to darkness like womb to […]

The Pupil of an Eye at rawboned

“A needle could go in, a hatpin with a pearl bead, a stray earring lost in the bedsheets. Or a monster could come out, like Athena blasting forth from the skull of Zeus, fully formed and ripe for war. Her rind of armor splits, juice and pulp gush…” Read more: The Pupil of an Eye