We May Be Like Fish at Wigleaf

“They bring me my lunch at 11:00, which is too goddamn early. They think because we’re old fucks we can’t wait until a decent hour. Then they bring us snacks in the afternoon, like we’re toddlers. I tell that nurse with the cornrows, I understand it’s an easy mistake to make, since we’re all shitting […]

Our Mother and the Bees at A-Minor

“Every time she cut our hair, after my brother and I had been carefully brushed clean, she gathered the blond hanks from the kitchen linoleum and rolled them between her palms. She carried these small skeins cradled in her apron, out the back door. She buried them there, in the same place where she dropped […]

This Whole Majestic Thing at CHEAP POP

“We scaled the chain link fences and swam in the hotel pools in the middle of the night. We had sex on the deserted mini golf course and pretended it was post-apocalypse. Stole beers, swallowed little heaps of tiny white ephedrine, smoked Camel Wides laying on our backs in the sand. All the dumb kid […]

Right There at Pithead Chapel

“Tammy taught me to pinch my nipples so they would stand out under my t-shirt, and that purple shadow was best for my green eyes. She taught me that putting on a Pink Floyd record was a surefire way to get a boy to make out with you when your mom was still at work […]