Best Small Fictions 2015 Review at Enclave

An outstanding review from Sheldon Lee Compton, with very kind words about my included story! “In Best Small Fictions, there are stories such as Anna Lea Jancewicz’s “Marriage” where the narrator likens marriage to combining ketchup from two half empty bottles to make one full bottle. Anyone who has worked in a small diner or […]


Cease, Cows reviewed at The Review Review

“Ultimately, the CC team is a cadre of folks working for you. Whether the material on tap offers hilarity or commands serious meditation—usually a mixture of both —the editors want their readers to have fun. If you’re looking for a serious publication of ambitious writers who want to support you through the insecurities of a […]

Advertisements reviews Rawboned Issue #3

“Anna Lea Jancewicz’s “The Pupil of an Eye” is the piece that stuck with me the most…” Read more here. Advertisements