Anna Lea Jancewicz lives in Norfolk, Virginia, where she homeschools her two children, and teaches creative writing and People’s History for a homeschool co-op. She is an editor for Tiny Donkey, a journal of short-form fairy tale nonfiction, and Editor in Chief of Rabble Lit, a magazine for working class literature, which promotes anti-racist proletarian solidarity.

Her writing has been chosen for The Best Small Fictions, Literary Hub Daily, and the Wigleaf Top 50 longlist, and has appeared at Hobart, Necessary Fiction, Pithead Chapel, and many other venues. Her short story collection, (m)otherhood, is forthcoming from Widow and Orphan House press, FALL 2017.

             Say it: Yahnt-SEV-ich.

“Mermaids, sex, golems, babies, deep magic, domestic chores, spiders, hammers…Anna Lea Jancewicz is a seductive enchantress who drags you into worlds seemingly familiar, comfortable, safe. She casts spells like fishing nets; her words tie you up in their poetry. Reading her work, you are caught somewhere between dream and waking, somewhere between magic and mundane. And you won’t come back the same, if you come back at all…”   -Georgia Bellas,  Atticus Review 


                                                                                                Dragon by Stella Z. Jancewicz

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I just finished “Our Mother and the Bees” at A-Minor. Read it in my In-Box. I immediately went to the site and read it on the page. I immediately re-read it on the page. Thank you for sharing this gem. The brother making the sign for the bird just about killed me. -Alle C. Hall, admiringly, from Seattle.

  2. I read “We May Be Like Fish” at Wigleaf and then googled you. That story was so good. I’ve been looking for good short fiction and so much of it is crap. So many of these MFA grads seem just too enamored with themselves as writers. But your story. It did for me what fiction is supposed to do: it made me care about other people. I think I’m your new biggest fan. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

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