The Water at Cease, Cows

“Little phosphorescent things curve themselves toward the surface, mingle with our belongings, rise through the pecan branches like fireflies once did. The glow is the same. He appears with fish in his hands. He cuts away the scales for me, I close my jaws on the raw flesh. The baby tumbles in my belly. His […]

Williwaw Anthology

Williwaw: An Anthology of the Marvellous is now available for e-readers via Kindle and Smashwords. This collection features two of my previously published stories, “Off the Map” and “Little Chickens.” Following the launch event on the 28th, a limited run of print copies will also be available to purchase on the Williwaw website. Buy it from Smashwords,  or Amazon […]

CYOA at Lockjaw

My section of Lockjaw’s choose-your-own-adventure story is live today, along with new twists & turns from other awesome folks. You should really start from the beginning… but if you are just too uncool for ADVENTURE!!! then you can just skip right to mine here.

The Russian Bride at Midwestern Gothic

“Edie had never before in her life seen two human beings having sexual relations. She’d seen R-rated love scenes, yes, but certainly never the real thing in person. She’d never even seen an honest-to-God dirty movie. But there they were, the Russian woman crouched on all fours and Tim, Tim with no lawnmower of his […]