Three Poems at The Fem

There Was That Time Kenneth Didn’t Take No For an Answer, My Own Hands, and My Body Makes No Apologies for Itself are live at The Fem. From There Was That Time Kenneth Didn’t Take No For an Answer: “but he didn’t know that it was rape because I wasn’t a banshee about it because I didn’t keep […]

Holy, Holy, Holy at Jewrotica

“I could see that you were a holy man, desperately holy, G-d crouched on your back with a mouthful of black earth, and the stink of love A holy man, which is to say, the loneliest man to ever purchase an avocado sandwich in a plastic box on a rainy and fish-bellied Florida afternoon…” Read […]

Two Poems at Lockjaw

From Tell the Bees: “I listened to “No Aloha” one too many times, or I was exhausted        by washing my hair and brushing my teeth maintaining this body like a pet”   From We Are Very Beautiful: “You will remember later that my bruises were shaped like undiscovered continents I will remember later that your […]

Maria Maria at Sundog Lit

“In dream again he caught you on the stairs and tore through your T-shirt with his teeth, he wrapped you up in a paper sky and named you Queen of Angels, Queen of Skulls His unwashed neck smelled of low tide, of nighttime galloping across the empty playground, of more…” Read it here: Maria Maria