Sonya Vatomsky Interview at Tiny Donkey

I’m so excited to have had the chance to interview Sonya Vatomsky, my favorite poet, for Tiny Donkey! Check out what Sonya has to say about Russian fairy tales, and get some bonus beet recipes too, right here. Sonya Vatomsky is a Russian American non-binary artist, born in Moscow in 1985. Sonya currently lives in […]

Birds Want to Kill You at Penny

“It’s easiest to slice a cow heart if it is still partially frozen. An aggressive band of feral cats can be driven off with a reliable spray bottle of water. Birds shit a lot, and given the slimmest chance they will try to kill you.  These are things I learned working at the wildlife refuge…” […]

Blood at Squalorly

“I bury the remnants of my baby there. Now my fingernails are rimmed with soil instead of blood. Dark, brownblack threads after I wipe the mud away. I could embroider a little rabbit with them, a little rabbit burrowing into the underworld.” Read more: Blood  

Boys at Literary Mama

“I plant my hands on my hips and announce, “That’s stupid! Girls-can-do-anything-that-boys-can.” That’s what I’ve been told. And I believe it with perfect faith. It’s 1979. I have a full-color poster of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman above my bed.” Read more here.