The Russian Bride at Midwestern Gothic

“Edie had never before in her life seen two human beings having sexual relations. She’d seen R-rated love scenes, yes, but certainly never the real thing in person. She’d never even seen an honest-to-God dirty movie. But there they were, the Russian woman crouched on all fours and Tim, Tim with no lawnmower of his own, Tim who’d always complimented Edie’s pecan pie so gushingly at every block party, was hammering away at her from behind, right in the middle of his living room. In the thirteen years they’d been married, Edie and Billy had never done it in the living room. They’d never done it with the lights on. Aside from that first time, that Wendy-making time in the back of the Nova, they’d never done it anywhere but in their bed, under the covers…”

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