10 Things I’ve Loved Lately

Essays, stories, poetry that have rocked my world: Tara Roeder’s One of Our More Serious Poets at CHEAP POP Tara Laskowski’s Ladies Night at KYSO Flash Kerry Cullen’s Ainsley at New South Journal Zach Doss’s Esquire, Put a Ring on It, & Embodied at Sundog Lit Benjamin Winkler’s Five Poems at Lockjaw Elissa Washuta’s They […]

Birds Want to Kill You at Penny

“It’s easiest to slice a cow heart if it is still partially frozen. An aggressive band of feral cats can be driven off with a reliable spray bottle of water. Birds shit a lot, and given the slimmest chance they will try to kill you.  These are things I learned working at the wildlife refuge…” […]

Three Poems at The Fem

There Was That Time Kenneth Didn’t Take No For an Answer, My Own Hands, and My Body Makes No Apologies for Itself are live at The Fem. From There Was That Time Kenneth Didn’t Take No For an Answer: “but he didn’t know that it was rape because I wasn’t a banshee about it because I didn’t keep […]

6 Recent Favorites

Some dynamite flash fiction at Hobart from Juliana Gray: They Also Use Tools, and Are Capable of Making Plans. And at Change Seven from Bud Smith: Don Corleone. I also fell hard for this gem by Tara Roeder at Cease, Cows: My Former Lover Mr. Daly. All Good Science Fiction Begins This Way at LA Review […]