6 Recent Favorites

Some dynamite flash fiction at Hobart from Juliana Gray: They Also Use Tools, and Are Capable of Making Plans. And at Change Seven from Bud Smith: Don Corleone. I also fell hard for this gem by Tara Roeder at Cease, Cows: My Former Lover Mr. Daly.

All Good Science Fiction Begins This Way at LA Review of Books, an essay from Ingrid Rojas Contreras, is a phenomenal lyrical exploration of amnesia.

Eric Shonkwiler’s review of Christina Collins’s poetry book Conspiracy of Beauty at The Spark knocked my socks off. I can’t remember ever swooning so over a review.

And check out this exquisite erasure poem from Sonya Vatomsky at Potluck.

Yep. That’s six things I really liked.


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