Wigleaf Top 50 (Very) Short Fictions 2016

I am ecstatic to announce that my flash fiction “When the Moon King Met the Outlaw Lady Spider” made the Wigleaf Top 50 longlist for 2016! You can check out the whole list and the top 50 winners at wigleaf.com, and if you didn’t read the story when it was published at Atticus Review, you […]

This Whole Majestic Thing at CHEAP POP

“We scaled the chain link fences and swam in the hotel pools in the middle of the night. We had sex on the deserted mini golf course and pretended it was post-apocalypse. Stole beers, swallowed little heaps of tiny white ephedrine, smoked Camel Wides laying on our backs in the sand. All the dumb kid […]

The Womanly Art of Drag Racing at FRiGG

“The next afternoon, she was side-lying in her bed, nursing Stanley while trying to read a McSweeney’s piece on her phone. It was amusing, but her mind kept wandering to yesterday. That mom who kept humming to herself. That baby girl who Meredith could have sworn levitated for just a hot second while reaching for the […]

Penny Magazine Issue 1 Preorder

“Pre-order our first print edition of Penny at a reduced price of $10! Your new zine will be ‘landscape’ printed on uncoated paper with a felty cover, hand-numbered and one of a limited edition of 500 copies. Since you’re buying online and we save a lot of money when you do that, we’re saying thank you […]

FLAPPERHOUSE Year Two in Print

“An anthology of all the surreal, shadowy, sensual, and satirical lit included in FLAPPERHOUSE issues #5 – 8. Including poetry & prose about surveillance, survival, magic, many-worlds, meta-fiction, blood, braille, booze, beauty, birth, rebirth, summertime torture, feminist fairy tales, wayward placentas, fugitive robots, Hot Pockets, fashion wars, flying women, dangerous art, temporal decay, sentient playgrounds, […]

Right There at Pithead Chapel

“Tammy taught me to pinch my nipples so they would stand out under my t-shirt, and that purple shadow was best for my green eyes. She taught me that putting on a Pink Floyd record was a surefire way to get a boy to make out with you when your mom was still at work […]