Night Train Says Goodbye

“Well, that’s all we got. These two writers/editors/publishers/dads, are spent. We don’t believe we overreached in re-launching our labor of love. Not exactly. We did, however, miscalculate the time needed to continue to fulfill our ambitious vision, and it’s not in either of us to settle for less than that vision. To try to do […]

Two Flash at Wyvern Lit

Two new flash fiction at Wyvern Lit today, including “Feast Your Eyes,” which was a finalist in Wyvern’s first Annual Flash Fiction Contest! From “Sixteen Golden Staircases”: “Sixteen golden staircases, sixteen golden staircases she chants, a breathy croon, the soft sibilances snagging on her gappy mix of big-girl and little-girl teeth and escaping like tumbly […]

Never You Mind at Dominion House

“Catherine loved her mother’s hands, although they were not beautiful. Marjorie Blevins had hands that were too big for a woman of her slight stature, large hands all knuckle and gristle, skin raw from washing. When folks came to visit, Marjorie hid them in her apron pockets, kind of the same as how she’d hide […]

Bird Was Gone at Scrutiny

“It was some kind of turbulence, a shiver in the air. A disturbance, like a heat wave rising off of blacktop on a scorching day, except it was cold then, brutally cold. Bird was wearing his little green parka over his requisite fleecy dinosaur jammies, and a thick red wool cap over his long wisps […]