Be Extraordinary at Barrelhouse

My new fiction is the finale story for this past month’s Weird Love feature on the Barrelhouse blog.

“Sheila was startled when Walter slipped his hand down the front of her Levi’s. It was not what she was expecting in broad daylight, at a church picnic. His hand was a warm dry octopus in her pants—  granted, one that had been horribly disfigured in a tragic tryst with some fisherman’s propeller, having lost three of its tentacles. But it wriggled and groped just the same.

It was not unpleasant. And Sheila had, in fact, composed a list just the night before, Things I Could Do To Make Walter Love Me. Number one on her list was Be extraordinary, and she hadn’t even gotten around to doing that yet, so the hand thing seemed like pretty good dumb luck…”

Read it here:

Be Extraordinary

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