Rosemary & Ghostmilk in Witch Craft

“Miranda woke in the dark, swamped by a puddle of warm and limp child-limbs. Her husband was snoring on the far side of the bed, but both of her sons were drawn in their sleep to her body only, the motherbody, their arms and legs reaching for the throbbing of her heart alone. She slipped […]

Two Flash at Wyvern Lit

Two new flash fiction at Wyvern Lit today, including “Feast Your Eyes,” which was a finalist in Wyvern’s first Annual Flash Fiction Contest! From “Sixteen Golden Staircases”: “Sixteen golden staircases, sixteen golden staircases she chants, a breathy croon, the soft sibilances snagging on her gappy mix of big-girl and little-girl teeth and escaping like tumbly […]

Never You Mind at Dominion House

“Catherine loved her mother’s hands, although they were not beautiful. Marjorie Blevins had hands that were too big for a woman of her slight stature, large hands all knuckle and gristle, skin raw from washing. When folks came to visit, Marjorie hid them in her apron pockets, kind of the same as how she’d hide […]

The Water at Cease, Cows

“Little phosphorescent things curve themselves toward the surface, mingle with our belongings, rise through the pecan branches like fireflies once did. The glow is the same. He appears with fish in his hands. He cuts away the scales for me, I close my jaws on the raw flesh. The baby tumbles in my belly. His […]