Chana Finkelstein Made a Golem Baby at Wyvern Lit

“Chana Finkelstein made a golem baby. She was washing beets in her kitchen sink when she got the idea. The beetroots always had clumps of clay clinging to them, and there was a bright pinprick of surprise at the heft of the first little glob that she held in her hand. It was substantial, dense, like a dream when every word is weighted. She rolled it between her palms, and it became a snake. The snake whispered to her, adom, red. Her Hebrew wasn’t so great, but she knew from her years teaching Sunday school. Adom, red. Dam, blood. Adama, earth.

Adam, the first man, fashioned of clay…”

Read it here:

Chana Finkelstein Made a Golem Baby

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