Every Fairy Tale Starts With a Dead Mother at Revolution John

My story, one of four finalists for the Highlander Fiction Award, is live at RJ today!

“Every fairy tale starts with a dead mother. June’s folks weren’t the kind to bother with keeping books around the house, but she had learned that much. The few storybooks she did have were fairy tales that she’d read hundreds of times over, their spines cracked and their pages well-thumbed. So when June’s mama drove off the twisty mountain road that rainy spring midnight after drinking herself into a starry stupor at the Thirsty Stallion, June took it as an omen of magical things to come…”


*** After the internet shitstorm regarding a very controversial poem published at Revolution John and the resulting incendiary comments from the publisher, the website has vanished, taking my work with it.

An anthology of orphaned pieces from Revolution John is forthcoming from The Tishman Review and my work will be included.

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